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1. Pre-sale consultation.
Telephone service
Customer service department personnel, sales representative through the telephone to provide clients with consultation, the process of resolving doubts.
Sales and service
Comprehensive tracking contact process by foreign sales staff (including regular visit, a knowledge of customer needs, provide detailed product information, provide product samples, provide preliminary quotation, provide preliminary solution Suggestions, etc.).
Technical service
Provided by the project engineer solution according to customers' requirement of process (including feasibility study on customer's requirements, customer requirements of the solution set, according to customer's latest requirement to adjustment and modification of the solution, confirm the final technical solution).
Hospitality services
The company receives the facilitator to guide the customer to visit the company, so that the customer to the product and the company impression deepens the process.
2. Sales support
Technical service
The technical installation personnel (project manager, project supervision, project engineer and installation technician) provide on-site installation services for customers.
Sales and service
After the signing of the contract, the external sales personnel and the customer to conduct further communication process.
Hospitality services
The customer who has signed the contract, sometimes because the business needs to visit the company again, will make the customer's impression of the product and the company further deepened.
3. After-sales appreciation
Service process by after-sales service staff.
(1) after-sales call return visit.
(2) after-sales personnel visit.
(3) inform the customer of the latest development of the product.
(4) customer satisfaction survey and return visit.
(5) improve the implementation process of customer feedback.
(6) the process of solving difficult problems in the product process.

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