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Talent concept
We are convinced that talents are the first resource and the foundation of enterprise development.
We believe that everyone is a talent, focusing on the present, development and future of every employee. The company's greatest success is its employees' success.
We advocate: the motherland is with the company; Career and family; The individual is with the collective; Competition and solidarity: pragmatism and innovation together; Criticism is with self - criticism.
We try our best to do it: we are the people, the people, the space and the stage for everyone to be smart. Not only do we stay on the job, we are more likely to stay in the business and be emotionally attached.
We always ask ourselves: people-oriented, innovation unlimited; It is the talent of talents and talents to cultivate talents, to create opportunities for the best talents in the world, to build a broad career development stage for them, so that they can grow and realize their dreams. Cherish every employee, every idea, respect everyone, value every employee's contribution.
Our talent view: talent is a dynamic concept. A person is called a talented person because of his moral character, value idea, world outlook, outlook on life, business ability and so on, which is consistent with the requirements of the enterprise, and can be integrated and drive the enterprise's progress.
We encourage and encourage every employee to use their high expectations to draw themselves, to meet high standards, to challenge themselves and to motivate themselves, to strive and grow with the company.
Strategy of choose and employ persons
Our method of employment: good at employing people, good people, keeping people, cultivating people.
Our principle of employment: the length of servants, the short of people, the ability to use bias, the importance of the whole talent.
We assess the talent formula: individual comprehensive quality = learning + ability + performance + public theory. The performance management is combined with staff appraisal and leadership evaluation, focusing on comprehensive evaluation effect and establishing scientific talent evaluation index system.

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