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Daily maintenance of desulphurizing dust remover
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Now most of the dust remover are produced by using glass fiber reinforced plastic, the material is very fine, performance is very strong, so in dealing with all kinds of industrial waste gas can keep high efficiency operation, and long service life, but any machine under the high strength work, need careful maintenance and maintenance, to continue to play a role, so the desulfurization precipitator suppliers, to remind people to pay attention to the daily maintenance, basically has the following contents:
One, to conduct regular cleaning machine, it is very important, because in the process of work, there will be some dust in the deposited on the inner wall of the machine, time is long will accumulate more thick, affect the use of the machine, so I need to clean up of the machine in a timely manner;
For filter cleaning hole, pay attention to keep tightly don't leak, it on the side of the pipe or upper, cleaning the air leakage causes of dust accumulation with serious, so more attention to detail maintenance;
3. Check the parts of the machine regularly, and find that the problems can be checked in time to ensure the normal operation of all parts.

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