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Desulfurization tower analysis has the quality to have the market
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1. Mature technology and high operational reliability.
2. Flexible operation and strong adaptability to coal changes. The process of desulfurization tower has good absorption effect and high absorbency. It can adjust the pH value, liquid gas ratio and other factors according to the change of coal in the boiler, so as to guarantee the realization of desulfurization rate.
3. Sodium and alkali recycling, low loss and low operating cost;
4. The reaction activity of sodium alkali absorber is high and the absorption rate is fast, so the low liquid gas ratio can be adopted to reduce the operation cost.
5. Desulphurization slag is non-toxic, with minimal solubility and no secondary pollution.
6. There is a large contact area and a certain contact time between the gas and liquid;
7. The disturbance between the gas and liquid is strong, and the absorption resistance is small, SO the absorption efficiency is high.
8. Stable operation, suitable operation flexibility.

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