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What are the advantages of the use of professional fiberglass desulfurizer?
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What is advantage in using professional FRP desulfurization tower, glass steel desulfurization tower is currently with the policy, to the promotion of environmental protection must have the equipment, in use, can be effective for environmental protection, service life is long, the following is the small make up for your detailed introduce the using on what are the advantages:
1. The cost and factory price of the fiberglass chimney are lower than that of other types of chimneys;
2. We can produce products with more corrosion resistance according to customers' requirements;
3. Glass net has a long service life; Therefore, the glass steel chimney produced by high quality fiberglass has a longer life span.
4. Since fiberglass has a relatively small proportion, it is easier to transport than other metal products, so the amount of steel used to support them is lower, and the overall installation cost is lower.
5, in the winter in the north, or need to heat preservation, FRP chimney can heat preservation heat insulation or protect layer can achieve very good heat preservation effect, this is due to the nature of heat transfer is slow because of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials.

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