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How to select fan?
Release time:2018-1-28 20:07:23      Click on times:962
The rational selection of the fan is based on the performance of the fan, the performance of the fan is different, and the method of fan selection is different.
(1) using the fan the fan performance curve to choose methods and utilization of the water pump performance curve of pump, this kind of simple and convenient, the analysis of the working condition of this method is easy to regulate and adjust the parameter determination, but with poor performance curve than choose sex.
(2) the use of fan performance table choose the fan this method and utilization of the water pump performance table to select the pump is the same, although simple, but the disadvantage of this method is not accurately determine the fan installation conditions. It is difficult to compare and analyze the choice of the single mode fan, and the problem can not be solved well.
(3) use the fan's dimensionless performance curve to select the non-dimensional performance curve of the fan, which is the non-dimensional performance parameter of the series of fans with various types and different machine Numbers. In order to narrow the range of selection, select the speed of the fan first (choose the higher speed as far as possible under the possible conditions, but the boiler inducer, the exhaust fan should consider the wear problem of high speed).

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