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What should the use of industrial dust blower pay attention to?
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1. Preparation and inspection before starting the machine.
1. Check whether the bolts of the joints are loose.
2. Whether the vibration system solenoid valve is installed in place.
3. Is the wind tunnel closed?
4. Open the air source of the vibration system to check the pressure and air leakage.
2. Start the vibration system and the fan.
1. Start the vibration system and observe whether it is normal.
2. Start the motor to observe whether the motor operates normally or not.
3. Check whether the wind direction is correct. If the wind is not correct, please contact the relevant personnel to replace the motor.
4. Confirm again that the bolts are loose and abnormal sound.
5. When running, pay attention to the operation of the dust-removing fan and whether there is abnormal sound.
6. The equipment can only be run after running for 5 minutes.
Third, stop
1. After the device is shut down for 15 minutes, the fan can be turned off.
2. Turn off the power source after shutdown.
Maintenance matters.
1. Check whether the fasteners are fastened regularly and find that the looseness should be tightened in time.
2. Always check whether the lubrication points have lubricating oil. Ensure the oil quality and oil quantity to meet the requirements.
3. Remove dust and foreign matter from dust fan.
4. Check the vibration of the fan regularly, ensure that the fan runs smoothly, and when the vibration is found, the machine should be stopped for checking and handling.
5. Check whether the transmission belt is damaged, broken, missing, elongated, skidding and so on. If it is found, it should be handled in time.
6. Regularly clean and replace the filter element, and maintain the motor regularly.
7. Check the clearance size of the fan at regular intervals to prevent friction and collision between the rotating part and the fixed part.
8. Regularly check the pipes connected with the fan, clean the dirt and impurities in the pipe regularly, and prevent the fan rust.

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