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Wet precipitator
Wet precipitator
Wet precipitator
Wet precipitator

Product name:Wet precipitator

Update time:2018-1-28 16:54:38

Product Details
Wet electrostatic precipitator is also called "electrostatic precipitator", is a kind of used to handle containing trace amounts of dust and tiny particles of dust removal equipment, the moisture in the gas is mainly used to remove dust, acid mist, water droplets, aerosol, stink, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, is the ideal equipment to control air dust pollution. Wet electrostatic precipitator with dust removal of high precision, small pressure loss, simple operation, low energy consumption, no moving parts and no secondary dust, low maintenance cost, short production period, it can work in the flue gas temperature below the dew point, because of the compact structure and can be combined with other flue gas treatment equipment, design form diversification, etc. Wet electrostatic precipitator is an ideal facility for ultra low emission.
Cleaning advantages of wet electrostatic precipitator:
The dust removal of the wet electrostatic precipitator can avoid the dust collecting dust and achieve high dust removal efficiency. The operation is also reliable because of the vibration free device. Use the way such as water or overflow water make dust collection pole surface form conductive film device corrosion, sludge and sewage processing problems exist, only in the low gas dust concentration, high efficiency of dust required when using; Use corrosion resistant conductive material do wet electrostatic precipitator dust collection pole does not need to spray or overflow water for a long time, only based on the system operation condition to wash regularly, only a tiny amount of water consumption, the ministry water recycle, recycle the dust collecting system basic no secondary pollution.
Principle of dust collection of wet electrostatic precipitator:
The dust is charged by the high voltage corona discharge, and the dust in the electrostatic field reaches the dust board/tube under the action of electric field force. Wet electrostatic precipitator mainly deals with wet gases with high water content and even saturation. There is a great difference between WESP and DESP in the dust removal method of collecting dust on the dust board/pipe, while the wet electrostatic precipitator adopts the method of regular washing to remove the dust with the flow of the flushing fluid.
How to choose a wet precipitator?
Efficiency: (1) wet electrostatic precipitator with high efficiency is not high is an important performance indexes, choice of gas flow under a certain condition specific dust pollution, the state of the gas on the capture efficiency has a direct influence.
(2) the elasticity of operation: any operating equipment, must consider its load, in the gas flow rate exceeds or is lower than the design value to capture how the influence of efficiency, also master the dust concentration instability or continuously higher than design value will be how to operate.
Hydrophobic: wet electrostatic precipitator is not very efficient in purifying the hydrophobic dust, and it should not be used when designing the value.
Adhesion: wet electric dust remover can purify the adhesive dust, but should be considered for washing and cleaning, in case of blockage.
Corrosion resistance: anti-corrosion measures should be considered when purifying corrosive gases.
Power consumption: the power consumption varies according to the number of anode tubes.
Water consumption: how much water is consumed by the dust collector and the effluent treatment of sewage, and the winter anti-freezing measures of water.
Mud treatment: mud treatment is the inevitable problem of the wet electrostatic precipitator, and should strive to reduce the harm of pollution.

Operation and maintenance: generally avoid moving or moving parts inside the dust remover, and pay attention to gas flow through the passage through the passage of the passage.

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